To meet the day-to-day needs of your home, you will need to afford an appliance. Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or dryer: they will all allow you to perform different tasks. 

To meet the day-to-day needs of your home, you will need to afford an appliance. Refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or dryer: they will all allow you to perform different tasks. 

But to enjoy them for a long time, you need to know how to choose them.

Consider your needs

The first criterion to consider before buying your appliance is the role it will play. In most cases, they guarantee a great utility, but not defining the needs in advance will push you to use it at any time. This will contribute to increase energy consumption and therefore the bill. So, before spending a fortune on an accessory, find out if you can’t do without it or find another solution that is more efficient and economical. If you have to buy a refrigerator, for example, ask yourself whether you should get a model with an integrated or separate freezer. This will depend on whether you prepare meals in advance and store them. Similarly, for the washing machine, don’t go straight for a model with a tumble dryer. The dryer will cost you more money and use more energy. Once your clothes have been washed, you can dry them in the open air: very economical and environmentally friendly.

Choosing the connected objects or not

With the advance of technology, you will find many highly sophisticated appliances on the market today. They can connect to a smartphone, a tablet, and control themselves remotely. For example, you will be able to see the contents of your fridge, program the washing machine to start or stop. If you have to opt for these models, you will benefit from :

A remote diagnosis to detect anomalies in advance and prevent breakdowns;

A consumption statistic to know the consumption differences.

However, do not run directly to these very attractive technologies. Also take the time to analyze the drawbacks to find out if it is really worth it. Here are the most frequent ones:

Connected objects often have computer security holes and expose themselves to the risk of remote hacking;

Compatibility issues between smartphones and devices eventually emerge over the years and updates;

The purchase price remains very high and sometimes beyond the reach of many stock exchanges;

These devices have to remain connected to wifi at all times, which contributes to the increase in energy consumption;

The use of technology on household appliances weakens them and accelerates their deterioration.

Choosing the right appliance

To make it easier for you when purchasing your equipment, we have provided a list of all the appliances that can be used in your home. Here are the different models available:

The dishwasher: it will save you from having to fill the sink with water and from having to wash all your cutlery. You can even opt for a large-capacity model to reduce the number of washes;

Refrigerators and freezers: they will allow you to store your food, manage your stock and store your frozen products;

Washing machines and dryers: they will allow you to clean your clothes in a very short time and to dry them without bothering you. 

Microwave ovens: to heat up leftovers from a meal, to prepare popcorn or to try a new recipe, they will make your life easier;

Air conditioners: They are very useful in the summer heat and provide cooling comfort;

Vacuum cleaners: they will allow you to clean your house more easily.

Opt for a new or used model

When you want to buy an appliance, don’t think that a new model is still the most ideal. Buying a second-hand appliance also has considerable advantages. Take the time to analyze both possibilities. If you only need to use your washing machine once a week or only for a short time, a second-hand model will be more beneficial. On the other hand, if your family’s needs require more frequent use, choose a new, high-performance machine to benefit from energy-saving technology. You may also find appliances with slight, sometimes even imperceptible aesthetic defects. They remain available at unbeatable prices and are therefore a good deal. Sales are also economic opportunities that you should take advantage of.

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