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NFPA 70E 2012

Engineered Electric Services, LLC helps companies comply with NFPA 70E 2012 by providing seminars and training on Arc Flash Hazard, the NFPA 70E Standard and Electrical Safety.

Private seminars can be held at a company's location for individualized training specific to the company's electrical installation. From time to time, public seminars are held; check our blog or Facebook page for announcements.

Arc Flash training seminars cover OSHA Regulations CFR 29 1910.331 - 1910.335 - Electrical Safe Work Practices & NFPA 70E Electrical Safety in the Workplace.

Comprehensive safety training is designed to protect employees from electrical hazards. OSHA requires that all employees working around electrical installations of 50v or more must be trained.

Topics vary, but may include:

  • What is NFPA 70E®and how does it relate to OSHA?
  • What are OSHA regulations for people working on or near energized electrical equipment
  • Understanding the NFPA 70E®, Arc Flash, Arc Blast, & Shock
  • Identify electrical safety hazards and plan protective schemes and techniques to address each hazard
  • Recognize the steps needed to work safely on or near live parts
  • Arc Flash PPE Requirements
  • Volt meter training requirements
  • Learn how to analyze work tasks and select the appropriate PPE
  • Determine the hazard risk category classification of a given task
  • Locate specific requirements for energizing and de-energizing power circuits
  • Learn the intent and limitations of personal protective equipment
  • Learn simplified approach to assure adequate PPE for diverse tasks
  • Employ the specific steps to be taken to ensure an electrically safe work condition
  • Create lockout/tag out procedures applicable to any given facility or activity